Who are We Are Potential?

We Are Potential are a social impact technology organisation that combines strategic thinking and appropriate technology to provide innovative solutions that make a practical difference. We Are Potential works with governments, civil society, research organisations, private sector companies and others to realise their digital potential, helping them to deliver impact in the face of the world’s economic, social and environmental challenges.

We Are Potential believe that technology can help, drive and support people making a change in the world. We believe by supporting organisations and individuals with their technology needs, where they have a capacity or capability gap, we create more appropriate technical solutions, reduce duplication and build efficiencies that not only help organisations focus on the work that they are good at but also provide value for money for the projects and programmes themselves.

Commission us for your next project

We have extensive experience in working with non-profits, supporting people working in very challenging conditions, and want to make the digital experience as easy and as understandable as possible.

By working with We Are Potential on your project, you would be working with a team that understands your context, both in terms of what you are trying to achieve and the constraints of time and resources in working in this sector.

We Are Potential adhere to the Digital Principles for Development and are committed to designing technology-enabled tools that can reach more people, achieve greater impact and produce stronger and more sustainable outcomes by actively living out the Digital Principles.

The Team

Simon Colmer

Founder and Director

Project management, digital strategy and a little bit of coding, if persuaded

Nason Bimbe


All things repository, DSpace specialist, library automation and information management systems

Alex Flowers


WordPress expert, experience of cultural, non-profit and education sectors

Tom Grady


Design, UX

Peter Mason


Digital knowledge professional, technical development, breathes open data/source/access

Lucy Thomas


Social media content, advice and training to ensure businesses get the best out of their social media platforms.

We Are Potential aims to increase the impact in the work you do by:


Supporting you to make informed decisions and building your strategic understanding about technology


Increasing your capacity and capability to engage with the digital aspects of the work that you do


Delivering appropriate digital solutions for your organisation, project or programme

What does We Are Potential bring to your project?

  • We understand the international development and charity sector.
  • We understand your content, both as experts in knowledge management and communication.
  • We understand and have experience in developing applications, products and services that engage diverse actors to communicate, network, discover and share knowledge and information
  • We design for maximum access, meeting user needs through achieving accessibility standards, designing for a wide range of devices and low bandwidth environments.
  • We take a user-centred approach, investing heavily in the initial stages of the project to clearly map, understand the behaviours and requirements of your users, partners and visitors.
  • We are participatory and inclusive, and believe in collaborative working and that everyone’s voice should be heard.

How does We Are Potential work?

We Are Reponsive

We have the experience and expertise to provide support that we know is right for your organisation, rather than pushing an off the shelf solutions.

We Are Appropriate

We work iteratively; building, evaluating, learning, changing.

We Are Inclusive

We strongly believe that everyone’s voice should be heard and work in a collaborative way. We think that achieve more when we build something together.

We understand the pressures of charity projects, and have experience in working within these constraints. We want to be able to make what you do easier, more efficient and better for money. We are happy helping with a complete project or a particular aspect of your project, no matter how big or small.

We are based in the UK, and work in-country where appropriate.