Not getting the most out of your DSpace repository?

Do you have trouble maintaining and updating your DSpace repository?

Don’t know what’s best practice when setting up and managing your DSpace?

Do you keep getting warnings that your DSpace repository is out of date?

Are you having problems integrating your DSpace with ORCID or DOI services?

We Are Potential can help

We Are Potential deliver appropriate digital strategy and technical solutions, providing support to organisations, projects and programmes working in research and advocacy in the Global South. We have experience of working in developing countries and with non-profit organisations and academic institutions. We work collaboratively and are participatory and inclusive.

We have a team of DSpace experts that can support and help you to maximise your repository, both in terms of how it performs, and also the value for money which it offers your organisation

We can provide:
  • tailored support and maintenance packages
  • customisation and improvement of your DSpace repository
  • upgrades to your DSpace repository
  • repository audits
  • a collaborative process to create the necessary policies for your repository
  • training for you and your staff
  • analytics set up and reporting

We can work with you to increase your capacity and capability to manage and own your repository.

Let’s discuss how we can help you.